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Company Introduction:——


The company,
initially founded by a team of three, has evolved with experienced individuals
in project technology and production management, supply chain and sales strategy, human resources administration, and CEO roles from
listed companies. The founding team has rich entrepreneurial experience and a
spirit of hard work. The company has a solid foundation with operating a
factory and foreign trading for 7 years. With rapid project advancement and
continuous integration of talent, the team now includes high-level
professionals in design, appearance, mechanical structure, electronics,
precision molds, automation, e-commerce, influencers and senior management. The
current core team consists of 18 people, with a total of 60 employees. The
company based on high-speed brushless motor technology as the core technology extending
that to further  products development such
as high-speed plasma hair dryers, bladeless fans, vacuum cleaners, and
epilators as well as researching and development of high precision components.
The next phase includes air purifiers, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes,
wireless charging, medical and beauty electronic devices, and more. With a
talented and cohesive team operating under a matrix management model,
implementing equity incentive methods, and integrating resource capital, the
team can confidently innovate disruptive products to meet market demands.